We Can Never Thank You Enough

It’s with deep regret that we announce Holiday With Friends have taken an indefinite hiatus. In an email to EMJ earlier this evening, vocalist and keyboard player Gemma Syme said , “I really enjoy HWF (obviously), but I think we need at least a break from each other for a while…the future is rather unclear, but none of us will stop making music. I know that!. It ain’t over to the fat lady sings, and fat ladies are quite easy to see- and I can’t see one at the moment”. In another email, guitarist and vocalist Buck Beauchamp said “We thought we’d be like an old crusty rubber band, stretching and stretching and raising tension but never breaking. Hey guess what, it broke.”

Through these photos, we hope to pay tribute to one of Wellington’s most loved indie bands. Over the past few years HWF have provided so many people with amazing memories. For an indefinite term, they will be sorely missed.

The one positive is that the band should still release their EP. I heard it last week and can report it sounds pretty damn good, capturing HWF live energy and so much more.


All photos from Neon Sleep

Holiday With Friends- Home is no Holiday: MP3

Holiday With Friends- Hot Water Bottle: MP3

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