Lets Get MINCED!

One of the country’s most exciting, innovative, danceable bands is finally coming to Auckland, playing their album release party at Whammy Bar! Expect to stay up all night under the Parisian lights with Christchurch’s Tiger Tones, supported by Frase+Bri, Golden Axe and Mean Street. I had the pleasure of interviewing guitarist James Grant from the seriously photogenic band, here are some excerpts!

Finally the album is released! How did the making of it go?

We recorded it all ourselves in our singer Mark’s lounge, just onto his laptop. Frase from Frase+Bri helped us out with a couple of tracks and there was one track that we did in a studio. We knew this guy and he teaches an audio course, and he said ‘come in and I’ll record you guys and do a track for free’, so we did that.

We had a song, The Siamese Republic, and we hadn’t got a structure for it, we just played it live. So that was kinda handy to have it done in the studio, cos we didn’t have the gear and everything else ourselves.

Then we got it mastered by Steve at Flagtown studios here in Christchurch and it was really amazing! I didn’t realise how important mastering can be, but it made it sound so much more like a whole, you know?

The band had been recording on and off
until about two or three months ago…

Tim from Pinacolada records first talked to us in about September last year, and originally we were gonna have it out in November last year, but we got a bit of an extension on that because we didn’t wanna rush it. We thought that would be a bad idea, cos we started recording and we thought ‘damn, we didn’t even think about recording an album!’. So we just had a whole lot of bits. But then when we got the extra time we started to focus on making it more of a cohesive whole.

This doesn’t look like a band that
jumps on the bandwagon…


We might jump on a bandwagon for one of our songs but when it comes down to it we just play what we want to play.
We’re not consciously weird; we do other stuff, we’re not one-trick ponies.

And we don’t always wanna play a really intense gig, sometimes we just wanna have a party!

The song Forever has a nice connotation to it: do you think you’d like the band to go on forever?

Somedays that sounds like it could be really nice and other days it would be hell, so I don’t know.

You look like a band that has a lot of fun – do you have a mantra?

Just to try not to take ourselves too seriously… and have fun!

I’m VERY excited about this band.
Make sure you check them out!

Tiger Tones- Seventeen: MP3

Tiger Tones– Myspace

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