Indie/Noise/”IDM” Special

What started off as a concept for a noise post became a giant fuck-off behemoth of the IDM kind. This is what happens when you are your own editor! Allow me to introduce the Indie/Noise/”IDM” Spectacular! Here’s the most exciting, messy, hard-to-define, fucked up music that we found one Thursday night while trawling the creepy corners of the internet. P.S. It’s not really IDM. Let’s get pretentious!

Unicorn Dream Attack

– Psych Sundae Synth!

Found through a Myspace genre search for IDM, Unicorn Dream Attack is the most amazing Commodore 64 music I’ve heard since Disasteradio, and it’s not even anything like D-Rad! It’s like your favourite dream, melting into an ice-cream sundae in a fairy parade, surrounded by gigantic pies…

Unicorn Dream Attack – Myspace

Boom Bip

– GTA Minimalist!?

Bryan Hollan of the Mae Shi has one vivid imagination. Combing his stem cells for Chicks on Speed-esque synths and beats to bring out some of the most eclectic, minimalist dance IDM I’ve heard. It’s kinda eerie sounding, too. He’s doing the rounds of practically all the major European festivals this Northern Summer, so check him out if you can!

Boom Bip (Ft. Ali Lee) – The Coogi Sweater: MP3

Boom Bip– Myspace

Dandi Wind

80s Thrash Electronica!

The acidic, scratchy, raw vocals, the aggressive beats punching out, the weird club remixes, it all works with Dandi Wind. What ever you thought wouldn’t, basically, they can throw it together, wrap some cobra snake-like rope around it, secure it with gold lamé sequins, assymetrical haircuts, pretentious dance moves, and nail it all in a coffin of bad heavy rock from the late 80s. It sounds gross, but like their effervescent, freeing name, they somehow manage to pump out exhilerating, weird, awesome, music. Man, it’s weird though.

Dandi Wind – Searching Flesh CLUB: MP3

Dandi Wind – Myspace

DAT Politics

Toxic Trash!

I have been following this quirky French electronic trio for years now, ever since I heard their amazing, freaky, insect-like track Viper Eyes. It threatened to bite my ears off, there were moments when I thought they were aging into that feared territory of mainstream techno-concrete, but fortunately a recent return to their website has seen a more assuring relegation of their beats and psychedelic looped synths to the trash cans in the backstreets of some dingy French night club. Ie: they are still awesome! Check out the oldie but goodie, Viper Eyes, below, and their other/+ new material on their myspace – particularly My Toshiba Is Alive!

DAT Politics – Viper Eyes: MP3

DAT Politics – Myspace

Eats Tapes

– Jazz trash!

Disco-midi-meets-animal-rap-with-no-vocals? Exploratory-hypertainment-production-duo-masterminding-mash-ups? Space-Odyssey 19098976876764356980? Eats Tapes defy explanation, in my opinion anyway. Listen to them loop old 80s trash through rubbish sacks of synth gold to salvage creative masterpieces for the patient listener. They thump along like any video game-esque music should, in the vein of the whole school of creators of this ilk out there right now, but reward you with tasty treats at the end. Theirs is slow-burning, jazzier synth craziness. I like it!

Eats Tapes – Yes You Didn’t: MP3

Eats Tapes – Myspace

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