Twee, Telephones and Tea

The Sing Songs are my new favourite twee indie pop band. There’s just not enough music like this being made in New Zealand! Formed in Hamilton towards the end of 2007, The Sings Songs are Wendy Richdale, Gradon Diprose, Heather Hayward, Michelle Savill and Jeremy Liss.

Not long after forming, the band decided to move to Wellington. Wendy, who is credited with starting the band, was the only member not to move. As a result Jeremy joined the band, adding his own talent to the bands already highly populated twee aesthetic. They are all multi talented individuals and all sing, swap instruments and share songwriting credits. There’s talk of an EP surfacing sometime soon, but they already have a few excellent songs recorded and available for our listening pleasure.

The Sing Songs- Pamphlet Baby: MP3

The Sing Songs- HTML: MP3

The Sing Songs- Myspace

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