They Ruined Death Rock

There is indeed only one screaming female, but by god she’s got a pair of lungs on her. Marissa is her name and she adds the crunch to New Jersey band Screaming Females. As guitarist and vocalist for the band she is a pretty vital member, perhaps the band was even named after her.

The band are a raw three-piece post punk outfit from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Their guitar riffs are catchy and their rhythms jump out and confront you like a huge mountain tiger. There’s so many bands I could draw comparisons to, think Batrider-esque vocals, No Age grunge, Slits like guitar hooks and a whole bag of otherness… that’s a made up word, but made-up words best describe music like this.

When Screaming Females first hit the scene in 2006 they gained one very special review. It was from a local blogger at The Jersey Beat, here’s what he had to say, “Last night I saw the Screaming Females from New Brunswick, who are probably the most exciting NJ band I’d discovered in, oh, about a decade. You probably have to go back to the mid-Nineties and the debut of bands like Prosolar Mechanics and Aviso’Hara to match it.” Despite this review, they’ve never really gained anything more than a cult following, but I guess they never wanted to be famous.

Screaming Females- Fun: MP3

Screaming Females- Boyfriend: MP3

Screaming Females- Myspace

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