Fluro Envy!!!

If you have always been envious of ‘fluro kids’ then maybe think twice before expressing your opinion! Some people like bright colours, what’s wrong with that? Four of these ‘kids’ are in the band V!xens, and their music reflects just that. In an email to EMJ, band member Joel Wood says “pink and yellow and a light shade of blue are colours I try to achieve when I write/record the songs, sometimes grey and lilac get involved.” Currently in their final year studying towards Bachelors of Audio Design in Invercargill, their music sounds like a result of many audio experiments; “some things go right, some things go wrong”, but Joel is always happy with the final product.

He declares, “I guess not everyone will like every/any V!xens song but that’s cool, you don’t have to. I like them, they are like children, some have irregularities but that is just them.” Thankfully V!xens’ music is likeable, a messed up electronic blend of synthesisers, drum beats and deranged vocals. The band has released a 7″ blue vinyl which can be purchased through Melbourne label Envex Records (you may have to message them via myspace to get a copy). 500 copies were pressed and Joel says there are plenty left. A V!xens album is also in the pipelines, but when and where it will be made available is still not known.

Joel has kindly given us three songs to use as digital downloads, one of which (‘Uh Oh Uh Oh’) is an exclusive track he only finished two days ago. He says “Go nuts, music is for the world to enjoy.”

V!xens- Uh Oh Uh Oh: MP3

V!xens- Eating Disorder: MP3

V!xens- Real Boys and Tell Tales: MP3

V!xens- Myspace

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