The Guest Bedroom- Treading Water/ Blowing Smoke EP

They describe themselves as “a nervous and somewhat dramatic rock band from Toronto”, but really their music is upfront and personal. Built around swaying guitar riffs and jittering spastic keys, The Guest Bedroom sound is one the catchiest new-wave sounds emanating out of Canada. Treading Water/ Blowing Smoke is the band’s third EP and they sound tighter and more rehearsed than ever before. Less experimental than their last two EPs, TW/BS delivers four tunes more accessible to the mainstream ear. In other words, The Guest Bedroom have watered down and blown away any loose threads to come up with the ideal sound to propel them forward. Sandi Falconer’s voice isn’t as abrasive as before, holding back the jagged outbursts and sitting tamed but desperately wanting to escape. The band’s arrangements tie perfectly together and complement each other on every track providing a bouncy, eloquently structured EP.

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