Howling Ungodly Racket

It’s pretty obvious that we love abrasive noise here at EMJ because we’ve featured a number of noise bands recently, including Mutators and The Widow Babies. AIDs Wolf are another band creating inspiring rackety noise with sharp angular guitars and screeching female vocals.

Formed in 2003 in Montreal, Canada, the four-piece band has a healthy greed to make music of their own device and leave no one out of the firing line as they attack sound head on. They describe their songs as “terminally alienated”, “relentlessly negative” and “inherently repugnant”, but if all that is contained within the cymbal crashing and chaotic noise that is created by AIDS Wolf, who cares if it’s negative. Together as an entity, the band’s tight, jarring, low-fi recordings sound as good as anything in its genre; you’ll either love them or hate them, but that’s the beauty of noise. With so much positive energy and a passion for writing music, AIDS Wolf’s positivity should be commended.

The band has two major releases available on Skin Graft Records, The Lovers LP released in 2006 and a full length LP titled Cities Of Glass that came out on September 9, 2008. They’ve also released several split 7″ records with the likes of Night Wounds, Dmonstrations and PRE. The major releases can be bought from the Skin Graft Records website.

AIDS Wolf- Ch-ch-ch-chatter: MP3


AIDS Wolf- Tied Up In Paper: MP3

AIDS Wolf- Myspace

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