HaciendaLoud Is The Night

Blending the few decent elements of horrid Californian band Japanese Motors and the swampy bits of Little Joy, Hacienda succeeds at their own take on full-bodied rock and roll. Championed by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys (whose influence can be heard on third track ‘Useless And Tired’), the Texan’s come highly recommended by one of the most respected modern day blues exponents. The latest band to list the song titles on their album cover (I thought that was a thing of the past), Hacienda bounce between piano ballads, continental surf pop and ‘Dead Man’ style grinding desert rock. Highlights mostly come in the first half of the album; ‘Hear Me Crying’ rides heavily on country and western rhythms to produce a spooky, deathly collage, reminiscent of a journey deep into the salt planes of Utah, while ‘Another Day’ draws on Pink Floyd’s psychedelic experimentation, circa Dark Side Of the Moon, and morphs into a sea-side pop number rolling with a deranged guitar line. As a piece of work, Loud is the Night has a nice balance, with different styles entwined tightly together but with enough diversity to reveal each songs true beauty.

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