All The Chickz Say YEAAAHHH!!

New Zealand’s best white rappers since The Fast Crew didn’t come via a trashy reality TV show (have you seen that show, those guys are rubbish). The Crackhouse 5 come from the mean streets of Mt Victoria, Wellington where buglers come out of the bush on a daily basis. At times it’s hard to deal with the hardships of daily life, but these guys are throwing everything back at it, making hip-hop that refuses to be knocked to the ground.

The three members of TC5 may look rather familiar, Kelvin Neal, Buck Beauchamp and Brian Hainsworth all form part of the band Holiday With Friends, Buck also raps alongside Tommy Ill and Brian makes sweet music videos. The hip-hop project was started while HWF was on a break last September and was initially more of a joke than a serious band. However, just one week after forming the band they accompanied Bang! Bang! Eche! on nation-wide daytime TV show Good Morning and become the subject of much supermarket gossip; some were horrified but most were blushing, displaying an obvious crush on the trio.

After local police got the wrong idea about the groups name, the trio decided to lie low and start work on a collection of songs that now make up their debut EP titled Wack The Crack. No New Zealand hip-hop crew has ever been this ambitious, The Crackhouse 5 sound more like The Beastie Boys than The Fast Crew and achieve their goal of creating music that totally brings the party. They may seem like a joke but these guys are deadly serious, check out their blog and enjoy the entertainment.

The Crackhouse 5- Sparty Of 5: MP3

The Crackhouse 5- What’cha Gonna Get: MP3

The Crackhouse 5- Myspace

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