Bon IverBlood Bank (EP)

Folk music that is absolutely flawless. Blood Bank is the follow up to Bon Iver’s stunning debut For Emma, Forever Ago, which was voted number 17 on EMJ’s ‘Top albums of 2008’. The four tracks on Blood Bank are an expansive transition, taking Bon Iver’s music into another dimension beyond the realms of anything currently performed under the folk moniker. Each track transfixes time, creating a dreamy mix of psychedelic folk and bedroom pop that when played alone takes hold of your consciousness and puts you in a bubble somewhere unimaginable. Building from the opening notes of title track ‘Blood Bank’, the EP slowly takes grip through its crisp story-telling and delightfully evanescent guitar picking. Climbing through the high point of ‘Blood Bank’ and into the faster, raw folk emotions of ‘Beach Baby’, the powerful energy then crashes into a jet stream of hypnotic harmonies that run throughout both ‘Babys’ and ‘Woods’. Without trying to imagine a longer version in the future, this EP embodies a perfect piece of work that Bon Iver may struggle to ever repeat.

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