Boston Spaceships- The Planets Are Blasted

The legend that is Robert Pollard keeps on trucking. With Guided By Voices long burned to ashes, Boston Spaceships is a whole new beast, fronted by Pollard with former GBV member Chris Slusarenko and John Moen (Eliot Smith, Decemberists). As a young musician, skilled and harnessed during the height of the ’90s indie rock explosion, Pollard brings every ounce of that experience to Boston Spaceships. With crunchy, slick but aggressive guitar riffs, they are everything that the ’90s personified fast-fowarded to 2009. Bursting at the seams, The Planets Are Blasted kicks hard with thundering rhythms and groovy guitars, displaying years of experience. The album is definitely a triumph for Pollard whose style has been lifted a notch, punching out more poignant rock songs instead of indie-pop numbers that had become his forte during his time with GBV. Flowing beautifully, the album never slides from satisfying a select group of fans, those who have come to worship Pollard will agree, this is his record for those who doubted his ability to write harder material, that’s more complex instrumentally but with lyrics of a less quizzical nature. Not to say they are less intellectual, ‘Dorothy’s A Planet’ is a wonderfully crafty song with an extremely catchy melody, the lyrics just aren’t as forthcoming as they were with GBV. ‘Keep Me Down’ is about as good as they come, with grungy guitars bending in acute angles in the chorus, the song is a raw expression of perfect ’90s influenced indie rock. Final track ‘Heavy Crown’ ends with one of the catchiest vocal melodies on the whole album and is about as close to GBV as Pollard is willing to commit.

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