Insurgents- All The Stupid Smiling Faces

All The Stupid Smiling Faces is one of the most blatantly cheerful indie rock albums released so far this year. Its simple melodies and catchy guitar hooks come delivered without any pretentious bullshit and you can tell the band is having so much fun. Unfortunately Insurgents have never really got the attention that they deserve. They’ve always been in the shadows, tucked neatly in behind The Tiger Tones and Bang! Bang! Eche! down in Christchurch, and have constantly been overlooked by everyone in the North Island (mainly due to their failure to tour). Musically it’s unfair to compare Insurgents to BBE! and The Tiger Tones; Insurgents make good clean indie rock music, not the dance-y punk stuff like the others. Inspired mostly by Brit-pop and perhaps even more so by vocalist and songwriter Chris Young, who himself was born and now lives in the UK, the album can come across as being a little bit copy-cat. Looking past that, All The Stupid Smiling Faces is a charming record and makes a cliche of the album title, perhaps a tongue and cheek dig at the guys own personalities. Opener ‘Rather Be Dead’ swings straight in to the bouncy pop barrier with guitar hooks that lock horns and jump about ecstatically. A few party pills or half a dozen RTDs and there’s no going back, every song is like a mini dance- a-thon, up and down and out of control, all in the spirit of having a good time. The music is actually so energetic you get tired listening to it, but that might be because I’ve listened to it two times in a row. It’s impossible to pull this album apart, the songs fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and feed vibrantly off each other. In the UK this album would cause a riot, it’s a shame the music industry in New Zealand let them slip by unnoticed.

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