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I was delighted to stumble upon Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard band today. Initally they looked and sounded dull and of a similar mold to the popular craze of lo-fi antifolk streaming out of artists’ veins these days. But once you get into their fourth and latest album ‘Em Are I you get the real sense of Jeff and his dry humour. Saddled with a nihilistic/ironic view plagued with hope and outsider narrative, his skewed freak folk has elements of his idols who he’s also shared the stage with. Stephen Malkmus, Daniel Johnston, Thurston Moore, The Fall, Frank Black, Devendra Banhart and other icons have played with Jeff, and he’s even collaborated with Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches) on a release. He’s a recognised scholar, having done a degree in literature, he spoke at the University of Leuven in Belgium in 2000 on his thesis topic (the comic Watchmen). The text of his lecture was later published in a book called The Graphic Novel edited by Jan Baetens (2001). Jeff’s music is much like his comic art – lo fi, humorous, sketchy, colourful and a little bit psychedelic. His music is relatable, enjoyable and entertaining, much like his heroes. For all his accomplishments so early on in life I too think of him as a bit of a hero, too.

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard- To Be Objectified: MP3

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard- Bugs & Flowers: MP3

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard- Good Old Pig, Gone To Avalon: MP3

Jeffrey Lewis- Website

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