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Baby Monster is being tipped by some to be the next big hipster phenomenon. They’re already being compared to MGMT, Animal Collective and Passion Pit and that’s just a start; I even heard them compared to Thom Yorke’s solo work. I found out about them through French art blog Fluo Kids, which may or may not indicate their appeal to the hippest of European fashionistas.

The duo hails from Eugene, Oregon, a town not so well known for its musical output. However these guys may be the ones to solve the town’s poor reputation. Their grimy electro beats rock alongside some rather groovy synths, spelling out influences from Eno’s avant-garde ’80s glam rock to modern day disco/club bangers like SebastiAn. However they have three songs on their myspace that are all quite different, making them pretty difficult to pigeon hole. Their song ‘Curses’ reminds me of Over The Atlantic, while ‘Young Brigitte Bardots’ has a warmth reminiscent of Cut Copy.

The band is yet to release any official material, but they plan to put out a few a singles during the US summer. They’re also planning a UK tour. Who knows, Baby Monster may turn out to be a complete disappointment, but the songs on their myspace are definitely worthy of some attention.

Baby Monster- Curses: MP3

 Baby Monster- Myspace

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