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Merging their love of Death From Above 1979 and Bang! Bang! Eche! with a grimey UK punk sensibility the likes of (the recently defunct) We Smoke Fags or Sigmund Droid, Christchurch’s Blast! Blast! Noise! are raucous synth metal/electro punk duo James and Patrick. They do sweet photo shoots in bathtubs and kitchens with their enviable synths. Their music’s simple formula works really well, the hilarious nature of their lyrics reminds me of American cult super-synth-hero Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. Their shouting in stiff English accents over grungey, fast basslines and drums results in super fun, energetic music. My favourites are ‘Raw House Party’ (T’Nealle from B!B!E!’s influence on the bassline is uncanny, and the lyrics! – “listening to Hot Chip/ I just vomited in that girl’s mouth”), ‘Politikz’ (“John Key doesn’t understand me/ George Bush doesn’t understand me/ Helen Clark doesn’t understand me/ Only we understand me”) and ‘Basslines’ (“Speaking authoritatively over basslines/ I tried singing but it wasn’t worth my time/ Hating Joy Division should be a crime… Most likely punishable by death”). Their cheeky chav-style singing sets them apart, while their experimental song writing makes them sound quite possibly the closest thing we have to The Horrors – see ‘Basslines’ and ‘The Global Economic Crisis’ (1995 doesn’t count). It’s so refreshing to see a band having so much fun with their music while at the same time being really creative and putting many more ‘serious’ contenders to shame. ‘LRN2SPL’ is an asset to New Zealand and should be taught in schools. “Learn to spell!/ LOL LMAO LOLZORZ!” What’s more, last week they just released their first video, for ‘Radikool’! Watch it below, it is amazing and easily one of my favourite music videos ever.

 Blast! Blast! Noise!- LRN2SPL: MP3

Blast! Blast! Noise!- Post Everything: MP3

Blast! Blast! Noise!- Myspace

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