Grizzly Bear + Lil Wayne


Production duo The Soundmen have gained notoriety in The New York Times, Fader and Urb for their genre/band-mashing releases such as Home Demolition, their remix project with Brit Poppers Glasvegas. This release, however, is much more captivating – a given really, considering Grizzly Bear’s experimental scope over the precious pop of Glasvegas. On Veckaflyest The Soundmen (J. Jamison and Scott Durday) merge one of the best, most beautiful and catchy indie rock albums by Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest, with Southern man metal-mouthed rap ringleader Lil Wayne to recycle the songs ‘2 Weeks’, ‘Cheerleader’ and ‘Fine For Now’ into hypnotic r&b/indie anthems. They’re pretty awesome, with the occasional overkill that is likely with some Lil Wayne songs, the catchy indie tracks work remarkably well in this context. Wonder what Ed Droste and co. think?

Download Veckaflyest here

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