When it’s time to party we will PARTY HARD!

Andrew W.K.

The joyful, shambolic, speed metal/pop piano player and philosopher Andrew W.K. has put on another incredible trademark performance, this time in an interview on FOX TV’s Red Eye programme. One of the presenters said of it, “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” It’s definitely up there in genius/hilarious TV appearances. Watch the interview below, or for a more thoughtful discussion between more kindred spirits, see Ian Svenonius’ interview with Andrew on his VBS TV show Soft Focus.

In other Andrew W.K. news, he recently partied it up with internet fashion icon Cory Kennedy, who called him “one of the sweetest out there” on her blog. “I never thought I’d be at a party with Andrew W.K. and he would be the one telling everyone to be quieter so we wouldn’t disturb anyone else in the hotel.” Andrew also started his own TV show in June, called Destroy Build Destroy, on Cartoon Network, and now runs his own record label, Skyscraper Music Maker, who has on their books Aleister X and Bad Brilliance.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Andrew W.K., watch the awesome video for his debut hit single ‘Party Hard’.

Andrew W.K.- Myspace

Andrew W.K.- Website

Skyscraper Music Maker- Website

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