Those Fuckers Stay In Your Head


Flossy Danish duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo aka The Raveonettes, have just released the first single from their upcoming, fourth studio album. Titled ‘Suicide’, it’s a very European sounding pop song, sitting somewhere between the bouncy guitar rhythms of ‘Love In A Trash Can’ and the lighter shoegaze moments of ‘Black Satin’. It’s a fascinating wee song, finding its charms in all the wrong places. On past albums The Raveonettes have wooed us with their gentle lullaby-esque vocal harmonies, and their chitter chatter rhythms. ‘Suicide’ has more structure, like a polished studio recording that has spent hours on Sune’s own mastering table. The lyrics are delightful, painting an image of New York through the eyes of a lost and abused young girl.

The Raveonettes seem very fond of changing their sound, and this new track is no exception. Expect their new album, titled In And Out Of Control, to be heavily structured with a very Scandinavian influenced pop sound, echoing bands like The Radio Dept. and Dag For Dag.

In And Out Of Control will be released on October 6 on Vice Records.

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