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On August 17, The XX will release their debut album XX, through Young Turks Records. On the same day, August 17, the band will play its first headlining show in London, the city the band live in. One month later they will go on tour throughout the UK supporting Florence and the Machine.

Relative newcomers to the London indie music scene, The XX has already been hyped as one of the bands to watch in 2009 (if you take notice of that sort of stuff). I first heard their song ‘Crystalised’ a few weeks ago and dismissed it pretty quickly, but since hearing more from the band and giving the song another go, I’ve been hooked. Mixing girl/boy vocals, dark bass rhythms and channelling an ’80s guitar sound, The XX produce a similar vibe to bands like The Cure, Secret Knives, and more obscurely, Of Montreal (listen to the bass lines, especially in ‘Blood Red Moon’). Their songs rely on minimal instrumentation, purposefully dropping repetitive guitar riffs and bass notes, creating a dreamy atmospheric mood that pulls the plug on daylight and surrounds you in a metallic darkness. If you’re sick of drone, bored with synths and just want something that sounds beautifully clear, then hopefully you’ll like The XX. I do.

The XX’s debut album can be pre-ordered through Rough Trade Records’ online store.

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