Sonic Death Cuntttt


On November 3 Bang! Bang! Eche! will release their hotly anticipated second EP, sarcastically titled Sonic Death Cuntttt. Again it will be self-released, but this time it will happen across the world and will coincide with a world tour starting from the USA in October (including performances at CMJ), heading through Europe in November and ending in Australia around New Years Eve. It will be the band’s third world visit this year and they are still completely unsigned.

The band is now a four piece after the recent departure of synth player/guitarist Josh Burgess, but you can hardly tell from listening to their new single ‘Fist Full Of Dollars’. The song is an aggressive dance-punk brain teaser, curtailing spiky synth lines and strict bass notes. It’s by far the band’s most Ritalin fuelled track and suits their energetic style. Here’s the full track listing for Sonic Death Cuntttt:

1. Fist Full Of Dollars
2. You’re A Jerk
3. Beat Up The Children
4. Dirt In The Water

There’s also a video for the song ‘(You + Me) Thick As Thieves’ on the way. The song is on the band’s first EP which can be downloaded free from their myspace

 Bang! Bang! Eche!- Myspace

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