Hell Is Other People

Tegan and Sara Sainthood cover

Canadian duo Tegan and Sara have announced the beginning of pre-orders for their new album Sainthood today and the first single is ‘Hell’. Fans can now place their orders from iTunes for the twin sisters’ sixth album and get two bonus iTunes songs, ‘Wrists’ and ‘Light Up’. The pre-order also comes with ‘It Was Midnight’.

The girls have kept busy since the release of their acclaimed 2007 album The Con, and are releasing their publishing debut alongside the new album. ON, IN, AT is a three-book set which chronicles different periods of their lives (their 2008 US tour, 2009 Australian tour and a joint writing session in New Orleans for Sainthood) in writing and photos.

The third track from the new album, ‘Hell’ is a fast-paced, almost punk song for T&S, with driving guitar and harmonic singing. It’s an interesting departure from their previous quieter, somber fare, apparently written about a newspaper article in the Vancouver Sun about Tegan’s new neighbourhood being deemed “Vancouver’s four blocks of hell”.

There are special celebratory shows in New York and California at the end of the month for Sainthood, after which T&S will tour Europe, Canada and the US.

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