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Nonnsha is a teenage girl from California called Shannon who makes music on guitar and keyboard and records this onto a multitrack. The recordings are primitive, there’s static distortion when she screams and she often floats out of key with herself, but Nonnsha’s music is charmingly creative and from the heart. Despite the technicalities there’s a beauty to her relatableness. Her thick Calfornian accent wobbles, her finger-picked guitar takes a page from Bright Eyes’ book and her multitracked voice reignites Tegan and Sara’s flame. She seems to only play live very sparingly – at a school carnival, say – but she’s garnered many Myspace fans and a collection of fan art made in MS Paint (see below). Arm this girl with proper recording technology and watch her take off. Her occasionally antagonising lyrics and vicious tendencies gives her cuter-than-a-cereal-box-character-voice a much needed rougher edge that can at times remind of Chelsea Jade of Teacups.

fan art fan art fan art

Nonnsha- Myspace

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