Nice Birds, BMX Rapists

& Bandicoot

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Basement, Auckland

It’s been described as one of the best nights of people’s lives, and it’s probably safe to say it secured at least one of the bands a spot at Campus A Low Hum 2010, as these three exciting young bands pushed themselves to the limits to entertain and impress Camp organiser Blink who was in attendance. Bandicoot left no face unsmiling, no foot untapping, no body not jiggling in either a full on or restrained dance. It was a party and you really had to be there, so why weren’t you?

The pictures tell it all, really. Bandicoot are the most exciting band in Auckland right now. They’ve been refining their set for months now, and have their rap interludes and local band covers pretty much down pat. Pearl also appears to be getting more confidence as a vocalist and has improved her dynamics. The whole band has been seen and heard to get tighter and more technically impressive while retaining that joyous youthful excitement that made them stand out in the first place. If you haven’t seen them by now you better catch them next time, or why not head to Camp?

BMX assaulted us with their trademark sabotage of anything resembling a normal set, busting out modern classics ‘Dennis’ and ‘Six Foot Insects’ with a ferocious vibe. Jeremy’s banter is becoming more a part of their set than ever before, immersed in his song lyrics and roping in other band members occasionally.

In a nice surprise Nice Birds headlined, and after the rough, ragged and exciting sets before them set out to show a new side to their softer more intellectual dark pop. They achieved a new dynamic, with Tim adopting a more ramshackle approach to playing that made the tightness of the songs feel less rehearsed and more fittingly live. They really shone this time though, with their songs having developed more depth. They proved that all that time spent tucked away practising and honing their sound can be infinitely rewarding.

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