His & Her Vanities- The Mighty Lunge

Every now and then a dose of guitar rock is OK, I think it used to be popular back in 2004. This is pretty standard rock band stuff; guitar; bass; drums and of course vocals, but it shouldn’t be written off. His & Her Vanities actually make some pretty decent noise, it’s not very challenging to listen to but musically they’re quite well toned and it has a nice edge to it. His & Her Vanities know what it was like back in 2004, that was when they released their last album A Thought Process before founding members Terrin and Ricky Riemer took time off to raise their two young children. Back after five years away, the pair have re-emerged with an even louder sound than before, due largely to Ricky’s blistering guitar riffs that populate all eight tracks. The opening four tracks all run with similar chords, ripping to shreds any butchering fuzz and joining an angular alias with the cupid of guitar rock. ‘Hits Like Hail’ oddly has a hint of LCD Soundsystem in its rhythms, skipping along with similar timing to LCD’s ‘All My Friends’. ‘Wait It Out’ starts off sounding like The Strokes before taking on more aggression and ‘What It Is’ uses the aggression to scream for attention, joining Fugazi’s abrasive guitar riffs with Death Cab For Cutie’s contemplative melodies. ‘Fragments’ again adopts the previous songs’ poignant riff, but this time it’s given less feedback to sound cleaner and poppier. ‘New Designs’ eases its way into a slightly different space, opening the song up to a bouncier rhythm that utilises Terrin’s bass playing as more of a lead instrument. The final two tracks are more melodic than the previous six, with hints of the loud/quiet/loud structure falling into the middle of ‘Agenda’. ‘Wake Up This Day’ is aptly titled, an awakening of sorts which builds from a slow start to a hypnotic ending coated in a crashing of cymbals and layering of vocals. It’s wise to treat The Mighty Lunge as a rock album, even with its tendency to line up rather winsome melodies with abrasive, noisy guitar riffs. Hopefully the children won’t interfere during the next few years and His & Her Vanities will be back much quicker than last time.

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