Secret Little Opiate


While most of us have been captivated by Dandilion Wind Opaine’s other band Fan Death all year, she has been secretly recording some new material for Dandi Wind. To reward our patience she has released a new limited edition 7″ silkscreen printed vinyl split with Chicago’s Dead Gods, which you can buy from her myspace page.

The 7″ features a new song titled ‘Incubation’ and like her previous material it’s a bit of a banger. Known for her grimy tribal-electro, she again utilises a lot of percussion and midi-synths, laying it all out beneath her gruesome voice. The images and calculations Dandi is able to install in to her music is quite astounding, making her one of few artists with the unique talent to draw together music and the mind.

It’s probably not surprising then to learn that her talents in other art forms are as equally  impressive. She is an accomplished photographer, video producer, sculptor and digital animator and has directed music videos for Lady Sovereign and Metronomy, as well as making a short animated film in conjunction with Dandi Wind’s second album Yolk Of The Golden Egg. Her stage costumes are of a similar artistic reflection, often incorporating bright tribal make-up, paper-mache props, custom designed clothing and crazy hair styles, making her live show not only a musical performance but a display of performance art.

If you want to check out Dandi Wind’s back catalogue of music, images and videos then head to her website. You can listen to the new track ‘Incubation’ on her myspace page.

Dandi Wind- Myspace

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