Ride The Frightening


Grooms (née Muggabears) from Brooklyn create the kind of hedonistic fantasy grunge that Sonic Youth and Pavement did in their heyday, combining powerful, churning guitar lines and intelligent basslines merging blissfully in a mélange of shimmering, powdery drums and whiny adolescent vocals. ‘Dreamsucker’ is an immediate favourite, with its glistening guitar and bass interplay and intense, cacophonic spurts combed through with odd, whirring synth sirens in the background adding a tangible eerieness. Grooms is truly a hidden gem, a powerful force to be reckoned with. Currently on tour throughout the states, singer/guitarist Travis Johnson and bassist/singer Emily Ambruso met in 2004 in New York when Travis moved there from Texas, having been recording music as Muggabears since he was 19. Travis and Emily recorded two EPs as the duo incarnation of Muggabears, then found drummer Jim Sykes, who has played with Parts and Labor and Marnie Stern. They changed the name to Grooms in the lead up to the release of their debut album Rejoicer on October 20 via Death By Audio. The trio’s natural connection and powerful songwriting has seen them garner favourable press far and wide, with sonic dirges like ‘Ghost Cat’ and the epic asault of ‘Dead Kid Kicks’ in their catalogue showing their maturity in spades. Grooms is a band whose vision is completely realised despite them being relatively young. They also do an amazing shoegazey grunge cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ which I urge you to download below.

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