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February 1, 2010 – Britomart Square, Auckland

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Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston

Many of us were touched by Daniel Johnston‘s story in the film that documented his life, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, which explained the California-born songwriter’s troubled life dealing with manic depression and bipolar disorder. He’s somewhat documented this with his moving and simple songs that he’s been writing since his teens. His are pop songs at their core, the rough and ready recordings grew from Beatles covers to world-renowned organ, piano and guitar-driven gems all recorded on old tape recorders or boomboxes. He’s taken this Beatles influence and turned it into countless heartfelt odes with poetic lyrics so precisely human that they are universally relevant and achingly true. ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievance’, ‘Like A Monkey In A Zoo’, ‘Story of An Artist’, ‘Speeding Motorcyle’, ‘King Kong’ and ‘Walking The Cow’ are all favourites. Johnston was publicly revered by Kurt Cobain, who often wore the now recognisable ‘Hi, How Are You?’ Johnston shirt on stage and in photo shoots. Johnston’s also noted for his collaborations with Yo La Tengo, and counts Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Jason Pierce of Spiritualized among fans. At the same time as being a leading light for emotional DIY recording artists everywhere, he’s also built a solid career as an illustrative artist, spawned from his original, primitive drawings for his album covers. He’s exhibited his unrestricted and colourful art around the world. His music is characterised by his rather abrasive style of recording and singing; his classic songwriting is not hindered by production and relies much on his wavering, heartfelt voice and enthusiastic and playful manner, despite the serious and often sad nature of his lyrics. Johnston is an amazing addition to the Laneway lineup.

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The XX


When we featured The XX on EMJ back in August they hadn’t even played a headlining show in their home town. In the few short months since then the Londoners have become one of the most talked about indie bands in the world, due largely to their very impressive self-titled debut album fusing trip-hop and music of the new romantics. Proving hot, the band has been on a very rigorous touring schedule for the last few months and still has 23 shows to play before Auckland’s Laneway Festival. Unfortunately they have paid a hefty price for their intensive touring, in early November guitarist/keyboardist Baria Qureshi (second from left) announced she was quitting the band, citing personal differences. She has not been replaced and Jamie Smith has picked up her parts in an effort to keep everything completely live.

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The 3Ds


The announcement of the addition of legendary Flying Nun outfit The 3Ds to Laneway lineup was exciting to say the least. Onetime tour/gig mates with Nirvana, U2, Pavement, The Buzzcocks, The Lemonheads and Guided By Voices, amongst others, the Dunedin band has built a legacy on its brand of noisy, fun-loving raucous pop with almost surfy rhythms and scuzzy punk distortion, earning the title of “world’s number one noisy pop band” by SPIN magazine. Formed 21 years ago with the desire to make noisy, crazy music and have fun, The 3Ds takes its name from its founding members Dominic Stones (drums), Denise Roughan (bass/keyboard/vocals) and David Saunders’ (guitar/vocals) names. The trio recruited fourth member David Mitchell (guitar/vocals/mandolin) a year after the band’s inception and has influenced countless bands in New Zealand and around the world since. Each member of the 3Ds brings a plethora of experience to the group – Dominic was once in Bird Nest Roys and Snapper; Denise originally came from fellow fantastic Flying Nun act Look Blue Go Purple; David Saunders had been in The Battling Strings and Mr Big Noise; and David Mitchell was in Exploding Budgies, Goblin Mix and Xpressway Records’ revered Plagal Grind. They’ll take the stage at Laneway next to the young and the old, and remind us all why they’re one of the best bands to come out of this country.

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Surf City


Surf City has never really been fully appreciated here in New Zealand but over in America the band can do no wrong. On their recent trip to New York for the CMJ Festival they were pinned up as heroes of NZ indie rock, as fans of the Flying Nun record label claimed to have found a new light, comparing Surf City to The Clean, The Dead C and Tall Dwarfs. They were hand picked to play Brooklyn Vegan’s very own CMJ showcase alongside Local Natives, Deastro and Cymbals Eat Guitars and were labelled one of the most anticipated bands of CMJ 2009 by several reputable music critics. The band’s debut EP (2007) has had world-wide distribution through Morr Music in Europe and Popfrenzy in Australia and their debut album will be out in early 2010.

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North America/South America is the creative collaboration between international superstar DJs Sam Spiegel and Ze Gonzales. They have been picked by the festival promoters to close the night and to hopefully end the festival with a bang. Both men sure have the experience to do it, Spiegel is the brother of movie director Spike Jonze and was responsible for scoring Jonze’s classic skater film Yeah Right!. He also produced the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ second album Show Your Bones. Gonzales is a famous Brazilian skateboard pro who made his mark on the Brazilian club scene in the late ’80s playing cutting edge hip-hop. In the ’90s he was a member of influential rap-rock group Planet Hemp, programming samples. As a duo, N.A.S.A released their debut album The Spirit Of The Apollo in early 2009 and gained widespread attention for the huge number of international pop stars they brought together for some very unusual and unique collaborations. Among them were Karen O, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Tom Waits, Chali 2na, Kanye West, Lovefoxxx, M.I.A and Santogold.

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