Tommy Ill- Come Home Mr. Ill (EP)

On his third EP, Tommy Ill has well and truly established his own style of ‘slacker-rap’. An inflection-lite, droll delivery accompanies true life tales of late night partying, drinking, smoking – and the toll it takes on your body and rap aspirations. Far from being depressing, it’s all about having fun and living for the moment. EP stand out ‘Best Damn Evening’ sums it up perfectly. Tommy continues to show his talent as a lyricist, with some rhymes that really grab your attention and demand repeat listens. Like most good hip hop, there’s also sly nods to his previous work, and other rappers’. The beats come courtesy of Alphabethead, and are wonderfully diverse, though all have a strong soul vibe with rhythmic blues guitar, horns, organ and some great vocal samples. It’s not a giant leap forward from his previous two EPs, but the tight rhymes, great beats and overriding self awareness make it one of this year’s stand out local hip hop releases.

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