Drooling Abacus


Dan Snaith aka Caribou recently released the first single from his forth-coming album Swim, due for release on April 19 via Merge Records (North America) and City Slang (world-wide). Titled ‘Odessa’, it takes his music in a very swampy direction, leading with a crunchy punk sounding bass riff and howling guitar parts. He sings over the top like some sort of Scandinavian crooner, gently bringing his voice in and out of the shadows. Throughout the song there’s a subtle movement away from the minimalist beginning to a more densely layered ending where some lovely twinkling synths and jingling percussion come in to fill some of the more empty sections of the song.

If the song is at all an indicator of what we can expect from Swim, it could see Snaith offering a rougher, slightly less melodic sound than we heard on his previous record Andorra. But it might not indicate anything at.

 Caribou- Myspace

 Download ‘Odessa’ via Caribou’s Website

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