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After gushing over Dandi Wind for a very long time I’m only just getting into Fan Death, Dandilion Wind Opaine’s other notable musical project in collaboration with Marta Jaciubek- McKeever. The duo has just released their debut EP titled A Coin For The Well and hearing the track ‘Soon’ has me hooked. Going back and listening to songs from their first two 12″ records Veronica’s Veil and Cannibal has me wondering why I never got into them sooner.

They have been labelled nu-disco by some critics and in some ways they are definitely crafting a new path for the genre. With ghostly beats and short, sharp stabs of pop synths, their timing and fluid rhythms are in tune with the genres changing guard. In step with Opaine’s creative thinking (she’s a photographer, video producer, sculptor and digital animator), Fan Death has a large visual element to their sound, sparking images of flamboyance and grand costumes, something that has perhaps been associated with disco music since the beginning. But this is obviously a new era and the band’s style is most certainly cutting edge.

Opaine wrote and directed a music video for their song ‘Reunited’ which appears on the new EP. Throughout February Fan Death is on tour with Vampire Weekend, a strange combination but one that will hopefully work to their advantage. A Coin For The Well is currently available in the UK via The Pharmacy Recording Company and will be available in the US on February 23 through Last Gang Records. Fan Death’s debut album Womb Of Dreams is also set for release in 2010, due out some time in May.

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