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Emily Reo

Emily Reo from Orlando Florida makes drum beats that sound like heart palpitations, singing that cuts like melancholy in a bathroom, and casio tones that twinkle like bats’ eyes in a cave. Her sweet drone pop songs like ‘Above Ground and a Golden Cloud’ are ethereal and dreamy, but dark like sinking ships. Reeking of isolation and intimacy, her music portrays the pondering of an imaginative and delightful girl. Her myspace has her listed as playing organ, vibe keys, guitars, wooden flutes, floor tom, fake drums and kitchen utensils and she creates an enveloping atmosphere with them all. New song ‘Witch Mtn’ incorporates glossy organs like those heard in Beach House and haunting prettiness the likes of Grouper. One of the most wonderful things about Emily Reo is her forthrightness; she doesn’t come across as self effacing or self conscious. Her songs are enunciated with a kind of spirited determination that, while partially hidden behind murky vibes, is ever-present. You can’t imagine her downcast and shoe-gazing; her music is charismatic and involving. ‘Blue Canoe’ has a dancing organ jam that’s upbeat in its quietly heaving, cooing delivery, and her awesome cover of Built To Spill’s ‘Car’ is an emotional, epic teen dream ballad that threatens to surpass the original. ‘Tell Us All’ is more playful in a morbid, twisted way. She’s opened for Cold Cave and Phosphorescent, and has plans to embark on some north-east US dates in late May. This comes ahead of the release of the Witch Mtn cassette EP this northern summer and planned collaboration with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Buy Emily Reo’s Minha Gathinha CD/Casette from A Dracula Records.

Emily Reo- Myspace

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