Chilli The Cat Doesn’t Have Fleas


Anyone who has seen Fatangryman play live will know that the band struggles to keep in time, but that seems to be becoming more of a charm than a hindrance as they’ve given us dibs on their first single, titled ‘Wrapped In Plastic’. You’ll probably instantly notice that the guitar is out of tune, but don’t lots of bands do that on purpose? The song actually has some value, coming via a dry, monotone chorus and a grungy, heavily distorted bass line. It sounds a little bit like they listened to Batrider and then decided to play it really loose and dirty. Jessica Dew and Ary Jansen’s voices stick to a dark repetitious tone similar to Sarah Chadwick’s and Reuben Winter shows he’s no coward on the drums, adding some thunderous drum rolls. It’s very impressive when compared to their live performance, which is normally a shambolic mixture of nerves and laughter.

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