Children Of The Damned


If the Transistors were in London in 1978 I’m sure they would have been one the biggest bands of the British punk movement. Unfortunately they weren’t, instead they popped their head up in 2009 to steam roll the New Zealand punk scene. They’ve already impressed one old-time NZ punk and with his help have released their debut album Shortwave; an 11 song, 21 minute assault of raucous punk riffs and clattering percussion. The Christchurch three-piece are clearly fans of the old punk way, their music is heavily influenced by British punk bands like The Damned, The Buzzcocks and The Clash, but their true roots lie at home, with The Scavengers, Proud Scum and The Enemy. It’s unusual to describe a band that’s channelling the past as refreshing, but with a lot of punk bands heading towards pop music, bringing vocal melodies and big break-down chorus’ into their music it’s nice to hear a band keeping it rough and fast.

Transistors were the one band that really stood out on the recent Tally Ho! Magazine compilation Radikool Emotionz. You can get a free CD copy of the compilation from Real Groovy Records, just pop up to the counter and ask them for one.  The CD also features new songs by Secret Knives, O’Lovely and Psychic Powers, plus songs by Die! Die! Die!, God Bows To Math, Bang! Bang! Eche!, Nevernudes and several others.

You can purchase Shortwave by emailing the band at

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