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Daif King and Chris Cudby are famous around here for constantly breaking all the conventional pop rules. One could easily take their goofiness as a piss-take of the pop music industry, but oh no, they’re deadly serious. They started out busking on the Auckland streets in 2001 and have since gained one of the city’s biggest cult followings. Ask anyone about the old Edens Bar on K-Rd and they will instantly tell the story of Golden Axe’s refusal to play on stage, instead setting up their multi-keyboard stack on the pavement outside the bar and sending everyone into a teen-ergy, alcohol induced, dancing frenzy.

Directed by filmmaker Simon Ward, Golden Axe has just released a brand new video for the single ‘Free Time’, off their upcoming album Fantasy Footwork. The video features Don Brooker as an 8o’s karaoke singer/magician rehearsing before the wedding of two former Roxy Music fans who have just had a life changing spiritual experience. It’s got a typical retro vibe and you might notice Ward reusing a technique he applied to Disasteradio’s ‘Awesome Feelings’ music video.

You can download Golden Axe’s latest single ‘Free Time’, plus a new b-side titled ‘Like It Or Limpet’ from Bandcamp. Also check out Sarah’s interview with the band from the summer issue of NO. Magazine.

 Golden Axe- Myspace

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