Imaginary Insomnia


Sleeping People, Rumah Sakit and Three Mile Pilot are three of Kenseth Thibideau’s more famed projects, but it’s his first solo album that is creating all the excitement right now. Due for release on July 20, Brooklyn Vegan recently previewed a few tracks. The two songs come across shady and skin tight with a thin Krautrock lining; one spelling M-A-T-H rock with a Battles vibe (‘Moon 2’) and the other leaning more towards Bauhaus and the rhythmic guitar pop of The Bats (‘Black Hole’). Lie back and listen to the music cascade as the repetitive guitar picking bubbles and drops like rain, scattering out into a beautiful pattern like well designed art. If the music could be an image it would be a collage built layer upon layer, becoming a fixture with a dark green fluorescent glow.

Past bands Thibideau has formed himself all have a strong post-rock slant, with a loosely fastened math rock structure. You can hear it coming through in his solo work but it’s dumbed down to a delicate haze, with the crunchy rhythms making way for a smoother, cosier finish. If you’re into bands like The Chills, Foals, The Soft Moon and Talking Heads then you’ll likely dig this.

Repetition, Kenseth Thibideau’s solo debut is out on July 20 via Temporary Residence Limited.  

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