Tap Dancing Beneath Fairy Lights


Twee pop meets 1950’s rock and roll, blending Buddy Holly and Bishop Allen. Grizzly Bear seasoned with Human Highway herbs and topped with Zookeeper sauce. Introducing the adorably cute Family Trees, whose mix of rattly drum beats, sugary guitar chords and deadpan vocals will take you on a swooping roller coaster ride. Ryan Trott, Amanda Finn and Joe Pruitt’s music is soaked in late night wine binges, low-budget supermarket food and bohemian fashion. Some twee pop is about holding hands and walking in the rain but theirs is about friendship and camaraderie. It’s Andrew Bujalski’s Mutual Appreciation all over again, set in the same location but with a different cast.

Family Trees has just become the first band to release a record through the newly formed Californian label Father/Daughter Records. Their debut 7″ titled Dream Talkin can be purchased via the label’s online store.

 Family Trees- Myspace

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