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 Total Slacker

Swathed in glitzy reverb and glimmering atmospherics, Brooklyn band Total Slacker’s recordings are so gloriously DIY you can hear the room they were recorded in. Their name was inspired by the Richard Linklater film Slacker and attempts to reclaim a life of leisurely pursuits.

Singer/guitarist Tucker Rountree met bassist/singer Emily Oppenheimer last year at a laundromat, and the two started hanging out and jamming to old Weezer and Breeders records. Their achievements belie their casual style – Emily is classically trained in piano and guitar and Tucker was mentored by Grammy award winning guitarist Eric Johnson. The pair decided they really liked the songs they’d written just for fun, and tried out six drummers until fatefully nabbing Ross Condon, who went to high school with Emily.

They’ve just uploaded the jaunty new demo ‘Creepos’ to their myspace, and say it’s about “the incendiary line of friendly vs creepin’, and weird Facebook friend requests”. Their older songs sound more decadent – ‘Crystal Necklace’ has the kind of shuffling guitar line found in In Utero-era Nirvana, with angelic, totally singable melodies and emphatic harmonies. It’s pushed along by a punchy drum beat and Tucker’s wail that smashes into each chorus like waves on a shore. It’s the most badass song I’ve heard in ages. Elsewhere, Kim Deal’s influence can be heard on ‘Magical Date Night’ (watch the video below, featuring the Madonna pap smear scene from Slacker), with Emily’s sweet vocals chiming in with Tucker’s wordy rambles that climb atop bass and guitar lines. They achieve so much depth of sound in ‘Psychic Mesa’ that they put to shame many other so-called lo-fi bands.

Ross and Tucker collaborate on the hand drawn psychedelic artwork that features on all their individually designed t-shirts and CDs, which they have sold for as little as $1 at their shows. IMPOSE recently put out their debut 7″ and Breakfast of Champions released their split tape with Weekends. Check out this nifty little video interview with the band to see just how amazing Tucker is on guitar. And if you want more, Tucker’s solo project Chat Room continues the awesome vibe using only a ’90s Yamaha keyboard.

Total Slacker- Myspace

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