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Taking the sounds of Flying Nun, girl punk and surf music and mixing it in a tidal wave of minimal noise, Coasting is the latest band to come rearing out of Brooklyn’s fertile grounds since forming in October last year. Fiona Campbell of seminal New Zealand riot grrrl punk band Coolies, and Madison Farmer of Brooklyn’s Dream Diary reportedly decided to form Coasting after working together. They’ve swiftly recorded two 7″s for Brooklyn label Group Tightener and M’Lady’s Records respectively and have a tape in the works for Japanese label 16 Tambourines. The accomplished pair are right to be proud that their first ever show was with Ducktails and Best Coast, and that Fiona recorded with a sprained ligament in her ankle. They’ve since supported The Clean in New York, played the Chris Knox benefit show alongside Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum and Yo La Tengo, and scored a slot at the MtyMx Festival.

Madison takes the echoey, ethereal guitar lines from her dreamy new wave band Dream Diary to create a wall of noise in Coasting, where Fiona continues her talents of energetic and relentless drumming that gave the Coolies such a ferocious backbone. Their songs show a talent for dynamics – ‘Snoozefest’ has a strangely rousing vocal harmony driving its tunneling rhythms and spiraling guitar, and ‘Same Old Same Old’ showcases the girls’ vocals. The first 100 limited edition purple vinyl pressing of the Coasting 7″ EP is already sold out, and they have shows coming up with Air Waves, Aa, and Total Slacker. They already have eight songs on their myspace, and their first video made by Alice Cohen. The girls move fast, try and keep up!

Coasting- Myspace

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