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Paul A Rosales

Paul Andrew Rosales’ AM pop is soaked in so much reverb, echo and distortion that it splinters into a million pieces and regroups to form his delicately distorted psychedelic pop. With the exploratory propensity of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and the crusty murk of Kurt Vile, there are elements of dance in the repetitive rhythms and abstract instrumentation. Rosales’ debut 12 track album Wonder Wheel I dropped on Tuesday (via Care in the Community Recordings) and in typical prolificacy railcars has released a remix of one of the songs. ‘Changed Faster’ is a rhythmically-shifty, texture-rich ode of emotional turmoil with eerie gypsy melodies strained through effects. railcars’ remix slows it down and adds his trademark drum machines and effects to give it a more peaceful, floating feel.

Wonder Wheel I is an eclectic bunch of songs recorded between 2006 and 2009 that submerge Rosales’ emotional concerns in murky experimental pop. He sounds stuck somewhere between a celestial time-warp and a classy disco synth rave on ‘Never In Love’, with mutilating laser synths penetrating the muddy jungle rhythm and warped vocals that almost sound like a twisted Zach Hill. Other songs are poppier such as the catchy ‘Nautilis Cry’ and ‘She Tells Me’ – classic pop full of disdain and dejection, with wallowing repetitive melodies that will stick in your head for days. Bass-heavy dance takes hold in ‘Freeway’, and ‘Eroneous Love Song’ is like interpreting animal speech. But no matter what, Rosales’ edgy, echoey vocals remain harrowing, loopy and atmospheric.

His prolific other project, Wonder Wheel, which has seen him collaborate with the late revered DIY musician R Stevie Moore during its six years, seems to put out a new album every few months. Rosales, with Raul Esparza and Danny Gonzalez, released a four-track Demonstration EP last Friday that you can download for free on their blog. There’s also a tour of the UK and Europe currently being booked for October and November.

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