Asleep In Noah’s Ark


From the freshly sparse, clangy sounds we know and love from Canadian psychedelic heroes Women, comes their own drummer Mike Wallace’s other band, Friendo. The trio, with Wallace (also of Azeda Booth and Monkey) on guitar, Nicole Brunel (Puberty, Hunter-Gatherer, Topless Mongos, also a really great artist) on guitar and Henry Hsieh (Beija Flor, Monkey) on drums, has gained their slightly ramshackle sound by switching instruments from what they normally play to get a foreign feel. This unlearning gives an uncertain edge, a distinct unprofessionalism that keeps you guessing.

The band self-released their home recorded debut album Cold Toads on cassette and it was then released on vinyl and digital in May on St. Ives Records, a subsidiary of Secretly Canadian. The songs alternate between sleepy, hazy and slowed-down on the Panda Bear influenced ‘Callers’, to gritty Sonic Youth-esque jams like ‘Young Fellows’¬†channeling the hollow guitar sound made popular in 90s post grunge. ‘Oversees’ has a metronomic drum rhythm that propels the clumsily shrill guitar and deadpan, monotone vocals. Gauzy guitars sound like they’re played with eyes half closed in a sedate style that fits the sloshy rain of Winter.

A roommate of members of the band, David Giancarlo, did an interview on their behalf with Reviewsic. He explained the meaning behind the name Cold Toads. “Toads are too dumb to notice a gradual increase in temperature. If you put a toad in a boiling hot bathtub, it will jump out. But if you put it in a cold bathtub, then gradually increase the heat, it will stay there ’til it boils. Cold Toads refers to how the human race is oblivious to the fact that we are slowly marching toward extinction. Many of Friendo’s lyrical themes are influenced by bands like Earth Crisis, Amebix, and World Burns To Death.”

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