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Ryan Olson’s Gayngs is a project that’ll make most musicians jealous. What began as a table project with Zack Coulter and Adam Hurlburt ended up being much more, eventually involving more than 25 musicians from various musical backgrounds and various cities throughout North America. Of most notoriety is Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, who adds smooth RnB vocals to a number of tracks, along with contributions from saxophonist Michael Lewis (Andrew Bird), Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds) and rappers P.O.S and Dessa.

Signed to Jagjaguwar soon after recording their debut album, Gayngs’ Relayted has become one of the most highly regarded albums of 2010. Coulter’s beautifully enchanted vocals provide Gayngs with a smooth vicarious platform, helping to piece together a collection of soulful backing vocals, antique electronics and amorous guitar tunes. The whole album has a soft, friendly luminance, coming from a slightly damaged sound that resurrects and builds upon itself. Its heavenly, angel-like melodies breathe life through a smattering of gentle percussion and 80’s style guitar lines, making lovers see red and leaving the unloved pining for an outstretched hand. Relayted is nostalgic but has a modern twist, bound together by an elegance and understanding of romantic positioning.

Released in May, you can purchase Gayngs’ debut album Relayted from Jagjaguwar’s mail order catalogue.

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