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Like the sound of a dental drill chipping teeth and bleeding gums; AIDS WOLF has a new single. Titled ‘Teaching To Suffer’, the song is taken from their latest LP March To The Sea, again being released by one the world’s most potent noise labels, Skin Graft Records. Since forming in 2003, AIDS WOLF has always been at the forefront of the North American post-no wave, noise scene, pulling writhing rhythms and cretin-like vocals into a heavily distorted but perfectly sensible mess. Their songs are driven by destruction; awkward during the birthing stage with shredding guitars and chaotic drum rolls sounding like a live abortion, and then bleeding internally through to the end with flames smoldering in the amplifiers creating the sound of a million masturbating embers.

‘Teaching To Suffer’ starts with swirling guitars and devilish female vocals before digressing into clattering drums and razor sharp shreds of warped noise. By the end everything sounds dead, splattered across the pavement like a wanted criminal shot at point blank range. Only Grace from Foot Village can fake death like Chloe Lum, whose squelchy vocals are at the heart of AIDS WOLF’s catastrophic sound.

March To The Sea will be available this coming Spring (US Fall), check Skin Graft Records‘ website for more details. AIDS WOLF is touring the US in September/October, more details can be found on the band’s Myspace page.

AIDS WOLF- Myspace

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