Diminished Pitch


Raindeer’s self-titled, debut EP could well be the best pop record of the year, and it’s made by a little known band based in Baltimore, USA.  Their synth explosions hit all the right notes and their drugged out guitar lines bubble just below the surface waiting to be transported to a world of weed-loving geeks and daisy hugging cyborgs. MGMT’s pop influence is all over it, but its infusion is met with resistance, far removed from psychedelic hippy wasters to roam among foraging technophiles. Mixing cheesiness with loads of catchy hooks in this case releases a rather enticing melody. The vocals are wrapped in 1960’s hypnosis, recalling the sound of Manfred Mann, Nirvana and The Zombies while the instrumental arrangements are dead modern, dripping with references to MGMT (‘Dark Place’), Irish psychedelic folk band Hal (‘Juanita’) and Neon Indian (‘Green Light’). It’s a reminder that pop music is designed to be carefree, unaware of its surroundings and blinded by reality.

If you want to hear more you can download Raindeer’s entire EP for free.

 Raindeer- Myspace

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