Do The Rain Dance


If you just wanna rock out in the most unashamed way possible – screaming guitar riffs, pulsing drums and howling ambiguous vocals that turn to shrieks of joy – then Baltimore noise rock duo Weekends is for you. Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel formed the band in 2008 while both students (studying sculpture and philosophy respectively), and each take turns playing guitar and drums. Adam also helps out in Winks and Brendan makes solo noise folk music, but they make an absurdly big noise in Weekends. ‘Rain Girls’ is an epic riff-out that revolves around menacing drums and heavily effected guitar, playing a simple but raucous jam designed to inspire victory dances. The vocals take a more droney approach that eventually drags the song into a watery slumber, but it’s not without chaos. They inspire dance grooves with their staccato guitars and almost !!! intensity in ‘Roommate’; it would be a challenging listen if it wasn’t so fun. Their noisy drone wash over everything casts spells and wreaks havoc. The band made their first album available for free download, and they released a split cassette with Total Slacker on Breakfast of Champs. Pre-order their second album, Strange Cultures, which was mixed and mastered by Rob Girardi (Beach House, Double Dagger, Celebration) from Friends Records.

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Photo by RaRah

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