About two months ago our friend Shea (at Rose Quartz) introduced us to Christchurch band Wet Wings. Hearing their dreamy simplistic pop tunes immediately made me shiver; Darian Woods (guitar/vocals) and Lucy Botting (vocals/keys) are an instantly likeable duo and their music clearly benefits from their close personal relationship. Pretty is perhaps a word not used often enough, but it perfectly describes Wet Wings; guitars are lightly poised, layered atop a delicate wavy keyboard drone and their vocals float even higher, making each song a beautifully well worked composition.  Yesterday the pair released two songs on bandcamp, ‘Running Like A Man’ and ‘Whisper Always’; the first is already one of my favourite songs of 2010. ‘Running Like A Man’ is a six minute long poetic pop jam, described above, while ‘Whisper Always’ adopts a more organic approach, beginning with the sound of flowing water before building through a layer of choral vocal harmonies towards a noisy climax.

Both songs can be downloaded below, but better quality versions can be downloaded from Wet Wings’ bandcamp page.

 Wet Wings- Myspace

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