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Do you need more ridiculous in your life? Well then look no further than guerilla bike-enthusiasts Funderstorm. When I first saw their band name I almost slapped myself in the face; why hadn’t anyone thought of this before? – Let’s make a band called Funderstorm and put bike bells and radical white boy raps and smashed out boombox beats in our songs. Yes!

And they’re not just any zany two-piece you’ll find in a colourful corner of myspace. Brad Watkins and Marc McKenzie have played “over a hundred high-energy guerilla shows and bicycle rides, secret vacant parking lots, block parties, dirty graffiti havens and forgotten railroad tunnels in LA and all across the USA.” They’ve achieved a fair bit in their three years of existence, including becoming the first band to tour the US West Coast to East Coast by bicycle, unsupported! Read their blog about it here.

Funderstorm’s blender of noise brings to mind Din Glorious‘ riotous toilet trash jams and Best Fwends‘ harnessed chaos. Their rambling songs are ridiculous and hyperactive beyond belief. ‘F.U.N. (Are You Having Fun Yet?’ (replete with joyous chants and bugged out samples) is their manifesto, but “You are Funderstorm” is their motto, as they claim 2000 biker friends to be in their band too.

Though the logistics are confounding, they claim to be the first band to ride and play a full show on a bike ride. They say, “Our shows are known for having unquantifiable energy released over the top of a sonic attack from a fiery assortment of dance punches and crowd-involvement. The energy forms an atmosphere of potluck fun, where one can shoot fireworks and it wouldn’t be unexpected. Last weekend a couple was having sex during the show and nobody noticed! It’s on tape!”

Buy their debut LP, Greatest Hits: The Debut Tribute Album from their website for US$8, and download their EP for free from their website, not here. And for god’s sake, watch their genius and inspiring guerrilla bike protest staged during deadlocked LA traffic and sound-tracked by their song ‘Why Didja Du Eet?’ on their youtube channel. “Ride a bike! You’d be home by now!”.

Funderstorm- Website

Funderstorm- Facebook

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