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From one of the best young punk bands in New Zealand, here’s a new music video for their song ‘Caving In’. The video was directed by Kody Neilson of The Mint Chicks. The song appeared on The Transistors’ debut album Shortwave, released in September 2009.

A word from The Transistors – “Two years ago we got funding for a video. We made the video and it sucked. Then a year later after a lot of fucking around we redid the video with Kody and it was way better. Now a year after that and after EVEN MORE fucking around… here is the CAVING IN video. Seems fitting that it comes out a week after the quake….”

On Tuesday the band also released a new EP, titled Flux Pentaphile. It’s currently available as a digital download from Bandcamp, but the band has promised fans that it will be released on vinyl and CD soon. The four songs on Flux Pentaphile show the band has matured since touring north after releasing their debut. They’re less aggressive and more cohesive than the eleven rocket-fire tracks on Shortwave, but they haven’t lost the punk spite, channelling their youthful disobedient attitude towards the same unsuspecting victims. The third and forth tracks on Flux Pentaphile have a garage-y sound coming through; moving out of the basement and into the tool shed, if they’ve still got one left after last week’s devastating earthquake in Christchurch.

Here’s another amusing statement from the band, regarding the new EP – “On the 29th of August we sat on a bench for a few hours, carried a drum kit around town on foot, ran the length of Queen St several times with our gear, recorded this e.p. between 6:59 and 7:21pm, caught a couple of trains, played a show, played at a party with some scary girls and flagged down a stranger to fix Bevan’s car.”

Unfortunately for the band, due to the Christchurch earthquake they’ve had to postpone their EP release show at Goodbye Blue Monday this weekend. If you want to donate to help get Christchurch cleaned up, the Christchurch City Mission is taking donations – sign up here.

 Download The Transistors’ new EP Flux Pentaphile

 The Transistors- Myspace

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