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The Pink NoiseThe Pink Noise

The Pink Noise’s sound is inhabited by a swarm of ill-feeling mega drone guitar and shitty drum machine, topped with warped vocals. Distortion reigns king, and Mark (guitar, electronics and vocals), Shub (bass and synth) and Brett (drums)’s sound is definitely one of the scuzziest around. But the friends of fellow Canadians Aids Wolf have an inherent pop sensibility buried beneath all the fuzz, and sometimes even an ’80s naiveté splattered across their psychedelic punk.

‘Pure Candy’ has a weird juxtaposition of quasi-industrial guitars and sludgy drums with triumphant synth lines plodding upwards. Everything’s seething with hot filth, a junkyard of assorted sounds dragged through a sewer. Single ‘Oh Caroline’ has long been a favourite of mine, and was a staple song in the old EMJ radio show. It’s the kind of slacker pop anthem for these times, where you can revel in the pure shitty joy of anti-production. Now Sacred Bones have released it (and ‘Pure Candy’) on the album Birdland (originally available on cassette through Bennifer Editions) on deluxe remastered vinyl.

The Pink Noise is prolific, and has released a bunch of stuff on Kill Shaman, Almost Ready Records and more, including Alpha and Graffiti Youth. Last year’s Gilded Flowers cassette album is available for free mp3 download from the Free Music Archive. It’s somewhat lighter than Birdland; disjointed, fractured jams ‘Gross Gun Bullets’ and ‘Toad’ writhe with more poppy odes like ‘Shy Guy Beach’ and ‘Anna Baby’.

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