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Sleepy Age’s Josh Burgess emailed me his band’s new single a few weeks ago along with a message saying “don’t think it will be your kind of thing but you never know.” He was perhaps a little quick to dismiss his own music because Sleepy Age’s debut EP, released today, is a wonderful slice of indie-pop music. Full of clean, fluid pop movements, the guitars swirl and jangle, feasting on Burgess’ mildly aggressive lyrics about back-stabbing friends and restless relationships. The Christchurch three-piece formed last year after Burgess left Bang! Bang! Eche! following a friction-filled tour of the UK. The band originally formed as a four-piece with Will Edmonds (Insurgents) playing guitar and Hayden Williams on drums, but is now three with Burgess on guitar/vocals/synth, Josh Black on bass and Mathias Dowle playing drums.

Sleepy Age’s debut self-titled EP can be downloaded for free from their bandcamp page. It will also be available on 7″ vinyl during the band’s upcoming New Zealand tour in October.  Tour dates can be found on their myspace page.

To win a copy of Sleepy Age’s debut EP on 7″ vinyl, along with a single door pass to one of their NZ shows, email your name, with ‘Sleepy Age Giveaway’ in the subject line to music@einsteinmusicjournal.co.nz

Sleepy Age- Myspace

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